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Learn to drive a forklift and get forklift certified at Forklift University

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Hands on Driver Training!

Just added to the Forklift University hands on driver training options!

Hands on Refresher for those with limited or older experience.

Electric Pallet Jack for those that need an entry level forklift skill

Contact the office for times and locations!

Arizona: 602-903-1895
California: 909-740-3647
Nevada: 702-765-0239
Texas: 512-351-4611


So you want to become a certified forklift operator.

  • The first question is, do you have experience?

    • YES? then you can attend an online or classroom training certification class.

  • If so, is it recent?

    • NO? then you need a driver training course to certify you and provide the hands on training you will need to secure that good paying warehouse forklift job.

So how do you get the experience or training to get certified?

Forklift University has the only forklift driver training programs for individuals in the western United States.

What you will learn…

The first 2 hours is in a classroom setting designed to teach new operators the safe operating rules of forklifts. This is a detailed course and not just a quick video and test session like many other OSHA safety courses.
The next 4 hours are spent on a forklift doing drills that are designed to teach new operators the practical skills required. Each skill drill will build on the previous and eventually operators will be comfortable loading and handling pallets and materials.
We offer driver training in all our locations including Las Vegas Nevada, Los Angeles California, Austin Texas, and Phoenix Arizona. To sign up and take the class on line select the Online Training option from the menu.

We accept Visa, Master card, Cash, Checks, and vouchers from state agencies. If you have issues with these payment options please call the office we work out payment arrangements too!

No refunds accepted, if you are unable to attend the scheduled class you will be allowed to reschedule for another class or take the class on line. If you do not show up without calling you loose your spot and the right to reschedule.

We do NOT provide job placement services! we have a job blog on the site, but utilize staffing agencies and word of mouth, we are not like the other training companies that promise jobs just to get your money for the class. We have a quality training program, we will make sure you are trained and safe but job placement is best left to the experts.

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