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For those that have experience operating a warehouse forklift, rough terrain forklift, stand up reach forklift, order picker forklift, pallet jack, scissor lift, boom lift, bucket truck or any other type of powered industrial truck and just need the safety class can sign up and take the appropriate OSHA equipment operator class in about 2 hours. Online forklift training is compliant and can help you to obtain a forklift job. Employers may still do their own training but many staffing agencies require a forklift license before they will place you for a forklift job.

Forklift University, Inc. BBB Business ReviewForklift University, Inc. is a BBB accredited training company and has an A+ rating. We strive to do the best for our students wether you take the online class or come in to our facility for driver training.

Forklift operators with experience can order and take this course immediately by clicking on the order links on this page. For those that need more than one class, you can receive additional classes at a discount when you order them at the same time.

About the Classes

Online Warehouse Forklift ClassOnline Forklift Training

The online course will consist of a manual, videos, Power Points, and an online test. There is no time limit to taking the course and you can take the test as many times as you need to pass. For those that require Spanish forklift training, the online course has a built in link to the Spanish version.

Also provided in the test area are forms for your supervisor that are required by OSHA for operator skills evaluations. This form should be filled out and saved at your place of business, it serves as authorization by your company that you not only have had the safety course but you have been observed and can show a qualified person that you have the skill to operate the equipment you will be authorized on.

If you cannot order online or have problems with the sign up, please call our office and we will get you enrolled over the phone.

Forklift Operator Certification on lineThe most common forklift used in warehouse and production facilities are the sit down forklift and the stand up reach forklift. They are both counterbalanced lifts and the safety course provided by Forklift University Inc. online is designed to provide you with the safety training for these two basic lifts.

The class covers these OSHA Required topics in the manual, video and on the test as well as other required topics:

  • Ramps
  • Speed considerations
  • The Stability Triangle
  • The Center of Gravity
  • Proper load height
  • Grades
  • Rail Road Tracks
  • Cold Storage facilities
  • Following distances
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Inspections and Maintenance
  • Loading trucks, Chalking, loading docks, dock boards and bridge plates
  • Indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Elevators
  • Attachments
  • Safe handling of wood pallets
  • Fueling: Gas, Propane, Electric
  • Handling unsafe loads and much more! (complete training manual)

Tugger Online Certification Class

Tugger License

While a “tugger” is similar to an electric pallet jack, the operation of this powered industrial truck is very different.

For those that are operating this type of PIT an online certification class is now available from Forklift University.  This online class is OSHA compliant and provides the operator with a Tugger License that can be presented to OSHA or employers that require it. Companies can use this class for the formal training part of the OSHA guideline and then perform the required operator evaluations after the students complete this training. The certification is good for 3 years like all our other classes and takes about an hour.

Online Boom Forklift Training

Rough Terrain Forklift online Training and operator certificationA “Boom Forklift” also called a “rough terrain”, “telehandler”, “construction lift”, “shooting boom” or even known by the model like Geil or JLG falls under the OSHA forklift guidelines but is a very different type of equipment from a standard mast or warehouse type lift.

This training course addresses the standard topics of the stability triangle, yes it has the same type of center of gravity as the warehouse lift, but it is more difficult to determine since the capacity varies based on the height of the forks, the angle of the fork arm and the distance the boom is extended. In addition, there are many more gauges on the boom lift to pay attention to, like the arm angle indicator.

For $ 49.95 you can take this class stand alone, however if you need both a standard forklift certification and the rough terrain course, you will receive a  $10.00 discount on your class at the time of checkout when you order both at the same time.

Online Forklift Certification 49.95This class will cover many of the same topics as the warehouse forklift course except there will be additional information on:

  • Arm Angle Indicator
  • Traveling height of the load
  • Stability Triangle when the boom is raised and extended
  • Frame Leveling
  • Reading the Load Chart
  • Load Placement and working around scaffolding

Online Order Picker Forklift Training

Order Picker Forklift TrainingThere are many other types of lifts that are used in industry today. An Order Picker or Order Selector is different from the stand up reach in many aspects. You may find that you have a BEE Forklift and need to be trained, or you may operate a “donkey” truck mounted forklift. If you have these requirements or any other special requirements not listed here please feel free to contact Forklift University, Inc. and let us know. We may have a course available for you already. If not, we have the experience and ability to develop a comprehensive course that will satisfy OSHA guidelines and provide the necessary safety training for you.

We do currently offer on line training for these custom types of lifts select the Class you want to take from the list below:

Online Truck Mounted Forklift

  • Donkey truck mounted forklift (Pending Final Review)
  • Bee Forklifts (Pending Final Review)Bee Forklift Training

Donkey Online Forklfit Training

The “donkey”, bee and order picker forklifts are not a counter balanced forklifts and have a different way that they handle and support their loads. This means that they do not use a stability triangle to and a counter balance to support their loads like the sit down, reach, or boom forklifts.

It is important to have safety training on the equipment you will be operating and then have a driver evaluation to go along with this training.

Aerial lift class on line for only $49.95

Aerial lifts typically refer to boom platforms, scissor lifts, bucket trucks and many different types of Aerial lift online certification Scissor Boom liftspecialized lifting vehicles. This online training course is designed for Boom and Scissor lift operators. It follows OSHA guidelines and satisfies the requirements for a formal training course associated with the lift you will operate.

There are many different manufacturers of aerial lifts and their operations, and controls can be very different from machine to machine, but the safety rules and basic understanding is the same.

This course will take you through the basics of aerial lift safety and the use of full body harnesses as a part of fall prevention on this equipment.

scissor lift online certificationCourse topics include:

  • Safe distances from power lines
  • The proper raising and lowering procedures of boom lifts
  • The use of a body harness in a scissor lift
  • Driving and terrain considerations
  • Pre-start inspections and start up procedures
  • Lift Capacity
  • Operational rules
  • Types of lifts
  • OSHA Guidelines and much more!


For only $49.95

purchase full body harness online and save

You can order your full body safety harness from Forklift University, Inc. too and save! 

The full body harness from Forklift University, Inc. is only $119.00 and includes the harness and the lanyard. It is suitable for fall prevention on aerial lifts, manlift baskets, order pickers and on any device that requires fall prevention.

These harnesses come in a self contained pouch and are a great value. To order on line, click this link or the above picture and you will be taken to the order page. If you order your harness with your on line class, you will receive a the harness for $99.00. Of course shipping is extra but this item is still a good value compared to other offers online.

ORDER your Harness: $119.00 +shipping

Online Standard Forklift Training!

Order on line Forklift operator certification and training

For only 49.95 you can order the standard forklift safety course with this button! This option takes you to the online sign up form for sit down and stand up forklift operator course. If you wish to take the class for rough terrain (boom), order picker or boom and scissor lifts please go to the above tab and sign up there.

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