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OSHA inspections are up in the Phoenix area

Over the last few months, many companies have reported to us that they have been visited by OSHA inspectors. Many of our existing customers have asked for help with dealing with documenting their forklift training. Forklift University has Train the Trainer programs and on site training that is 100% OSHA compliant. We not only come to your site, but we train on your equipment, discuss your facility safety rules and hazards and document the training with all the necessary paperwork to keep you safe and compliant.

If your company needs quality forklift operator training or forklift certifications we have trainers available to help you out. If you need help in replying to an OSHA letter, let our staff know and we can help you to reply with the information OSHA is looking for.

We also have trainings in Spanish and can schedule you for your training class as soon as you are ready. All certifications are good for 3 years and our training is the best in the industry. So don’t let an OSHA inspection keep you from running your business,

The Phoenix AZ Forklift Certification That Creates New And Rewarding Opportunities

Forklift University is a trusted name in a wide range of quality driver training courses and certification. Having served several states in the western United States for over a decade, this is one company that gets it right every time with regard to quality training. As a BBB rated company with an A rating students wishing to gain certification can rest assured that they are working with a trusted and respected name in the industry. Best of all, the company has a jobs blog that can help students achieve their employment goals. With so much to offer it’s hard to imagine not choosing Forklift University.

Hands-On Training Courses

Those interested in becoming a certified forklift operator should know that prior experience often entitles an individual to attend online courses or training in order to achieve certification. Conversely, those that are not current or recent with regard to forklift operator certification, a complete driver-training course designed to offer certification is available. Hands-on training courses allow students to gain access to good paying jobs that are secure. From warehouse forklift jobs to manufacturing plant forklift jobs and a host of other types of forklift related work, there are great paying jobs available today for those wishing to explore their options.

Helping People Achieve Their Goals

Forklift University makes it easy and convenient to sign up for classes online by simply selecting the online training option at the company’s website. Major credit cards are accepted as well as vouchers from most state agencies. Best of all, Forklift University is always happy to work out different types of payment arrangements with prospective students. Helping people achieve their goals in terms of getting good paying jobs in today’s employment market is what this trusted and respected name in power equipment driver training has been doing for years.

Highly Useful Resource For Finding Work

The Phoenix forklift driver training courses that get real and measurable results are routinely offered by Forklift University. While the company does not specifically provide job placement services it does have, as mentioned, a highly useful resource for finding work at its jobs blog. Anyone wishing to take the initiative to get the certification and training necessary to become a certified forklift operator will likely have many opportunities in terms of jobs. Contact Forklift University today and discover what is possible with regard to forklift operator training.

Phoenix Forklift Classes |Phoenix AZ Forklift School | Phoenix AZ Forklift Certification | Forklift Certification Phoenix

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