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Forklift U, Inc. , formerly Forklift University, Inc.  believes in getting involved in the community in which it belongs. In an effort to help we have been fortunate enough to get involved with several different organizations in the state of Nevada.

For over 10 years we have served the community and worked closely with the Workforce Investment board and their partners in the state. Recently they have made a change in their programs that quite honestly are for the detriment to their clients and partners.

After serving for over 10 years and training many many people and helping them get good forklift jobs, they have attacked us. They now require us to work through  POST SECONDARY EDUCATION  and they require that we PAY thousands of dollars up front for the privileged of presenting our services to them and they may or may not approve us, yet our money is still spent and there is no refund. This same group attacked us and made us change our corporate name because they did not like us using the word University in our name. Seriously? What about all the other companies that use university when it is just general training!  This is nothing more than extortion and a way to funnel money and jobs to their cronies in the government!

Forklift University has integrity, and has done a great job for many government organizations in the Las Vegas and we do the same in other parts of the country. We will continue to support the community and our job training partners. However, funding will no longer come from the workforce investment board in Nevada and we are no longer on the Eligible Training Provider List by our own choice.

But if you are a Veteran, or work with another organization please contact us directly and we will do our best to work within your other funding options.

Since coming to Nevada in 2005, we have been working with the Workforce Investment Board and their partners in the state. Because of this, we have also gotten involved with several other organizations and will continue to help where we can. In addition to Nevada programs, we will be building the same type of programs in Arizona and California. Below are some of the organizations that we work with or belong to:

Some of the funding organizations we suggest you speak with are below. Many have their own sources of funding outside the Workforce Investment Board and we can and will continue to work with those that choose to utilize our superior services.

State Funding Organization Office Locations

  • Bridge Counseling Associates     1701 W. Charleston #400 Las Vegas, NV. 89102    (702)474-6450
  • Nevada Business Services, Inc.     930 W Owens Avenue Las Vegas, NV. 89106    (702)647-4929
  • ACS State & Local Solutions     3909 S. Maryland Pkwy #205 Las Vegas, NV. 89119    (702)734-9675
  • CHR Inc.     2980 S Jones, Suite A Las Vegas, NV. 89146     (702)889-4466
  • Nye Career Connections     1541 E Basin Ave   Pahrump NV 89060   (775) 537-2764

Other Support Programs

  • Rehabilitation Division
  • Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • CREATE – Collaborative Reentry Efforts and Actions Toward Employment.
  • Urban League of Nevada


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