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images_freestuffLooking for an operator evaluation form?

How about a booklet on the responsibilities of companies, staffing agencies and individuals for forklift training?

Or maybe you need a form for a daily equipment checklist!

These and many other good informational resources are available in our “FREE STUFF” section. Just fill out the contact form below and you will be redirected to the download page where you can find some good information and real items that will help you in your forklift operations.

If you are at this site to get a little more information about forklift training or aerial lift training then this is the page for you. You may not be ready to sign up or hop on yet but you want to know why you as an individual should pay for training. Or your company needs to certify your drivers and you want to know the best way to do it or who’s responsibility the certification is since you hire people from a staffing agency. No problem we have a small booklet that outlines the responsibilities of forklift operator certifications.

Maybe you already have operators certified and you have been using an outside source like Forklift University but now want to take it in house, no problem. We have a white paper explaining in plain honest information what your options are, and why our services are the best in many cases.

Or maybe you are an individual that has been looking for work or working in the warehouse and you cannot get on the forklift in the new job or the old job because you are not certified or have never been on a lift and need some hands on training to get the new job or step up. We have a short video presentation for you.

What ever your forklift or aerial lift training requirement questions we are here to help, and if our services fit your needs (and we think they will) then we are here to help.

So sign up for the free download or video training that fits your needs and we will be glad to help you out

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